Economic Study: Impacts of CTA Members on the Colorado Economy

Martin Shields, Professor
Harvey Cutler, Professor
Michael Marturana, Research Economist
Colorado State University


In today�s global economy, the ability to quickly access and share information is critical. Accordingly, a prerequisite for economic growth is an advanced, reliable and affordable telecommunications infrastructure. This is especially true for rural areas, where distance and low population densities often put small communities at competitive disadvantages.

This report first documents the economic contribution of small, local, rural wired telecommunication providers to the Colorado Economy. It then examines the potential impacts of reduced federal payments to small, rural providers.
    Colorado�s rural wired telecommunications providers support total of $63.7 million in output and nearly 430 jobs.
Colorado�s local rural wired telecommunication providers serve 30,800 lines, covering the state�s most rural areas. Rural wired telecommunications companies directly provide jobs for a substantial number Coloradoans. Yet their economic contributions reach far beyond what happens at their place of business.
    The state�s rural providers support 165 jobs, with an average compensation of $61,300 (35 percent higher than the rural average).

    Considering both their own impacts and the subsequent spin-off impacts, rural wired telecommunications providers support $63.7 million in economic output, which translates into 428 total jobs with annual payroll of $21.0 million.

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